Hi Philippe,

I'm not sure of the exact SVN revision the problem arised, but my program used 
to work 2 weeks ago, I guess, that was the last time I have tested it... 
Since some revision not before 2 weeks ago, rt_task_delete(NULL) was causing 
my program to crash.

Please, could you see what is going on? Remember something that was changed in 
rt_task_delete code or some path that could affect this call in this way?

Thanks in advance,


P.S: I tested on last SVN version today after a failure with the previous svn 
version I had installed. Unfortunately, I do not remember which was the 
previous revision, but I believe I've updated it yesterday. I think this 
information will not help very much, so, if you cannot reproduce the bug, I 
can try to write a minimal application where the bug appears.

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