Dmitry Adamushko wrote:

yep, this is yet another draft patch which aims at supporting the
nested irq disable/enable calls for the primary domain.

o  no changes on the adeos-ipipe layer, hence it's much cleaner and
smaller that the one I have posted last time;

o  eliminates the need for XN_ISR_NOENABLE flag;

o  but is based on the presupposition (otherwise it's wrong) that for
all acrhitectures that support Xenomai the following is true :

        pic_handler->ack :
            * mask
            * eoi
        pic_handler->end :
            * unmask
Philippe told me some time ago that this is a _must_ now for any arch
to be compatible with adeos-ipipe.

Ack, but with the special exception of the timer IRQ on x86 which is not masked but only acked, since we can skip this while keeping the PIT happy, and acknowledging the PIC through the ISA bus is so sloooow...

If so, with some minor cleanups (XN_ISR_NOENABLE should be removed all
over the map,
docs fixes, ...) and testing the patch may hopefully find its way into
the codebase.

Any feedback?   


Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko


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