Jan Kiszka wrote:

BTW, that trace hacking reminds me that we should really think about
making a kernel debugger run. I recently noticed that latest kgdb
applied with a single failing hunk on top of ipipe (2.6.15, x86). Maybe
it is just about making kgdb's irq-locks ipipe-aware and bypassing the
ipipe for int3 and the serial IRQ (so that ipipe can be debugged as
well) and catching the relevant exceptions. Hmm, the debugger seems to
get initialised in the "early" stage. Is this before or after ipipe setup?

It depends. If "kgdbwait" is set in the bootargs to halt the kernel waiting for the remote GDB to connect to the target, kgdb starts before the ipipe. Otherwise, it's a late init, and kgdb starts after the ipipe is fully initialized.



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