Niklaus Giger wrote:
Hi everybody

If you point your browser at (with ending slash please), you will find a first prototype of the continuos integration tool buildbot (

Great stuff.

It proves that it possible to automatically retrieve each revison of the Xenomai and compile it for (at the moment) two targets, a stock PPC and a custom PPC405 board (cross-compiling).

At the moment it already is useful for me, but I would like to ask your opinion about its usefulness. Would this be useful for you too? Do you have a special target to propose (other architectures, other target like skins, all xenomai components as modules/built-ins, mvm simulator)?

With the growing number of supported archs, not to speak of the two major kernel versions supported (2.4/2.6) for some of them, a tool providing continuous integration is clearly extremely useful, since it's now virtually impossible for all developers to systematically check their work against all possible arch/config combinations.

Additionally, setting up a build slave for any particular arch of interest is something users wanting to contribute back could do rather easily, and specifically companies who happen to be happy Xenomai users.

AFAIC, the upside would be to be able to produce performance numbers after the builds by running regression tests, so that we could evaluate the impact of core changes almost immediately.



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