Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Moser, Dan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was wondering if there was a command line method for deleting left
>> over heaps (i.e., those that were not properly deleted with a call to
>> rt_heap_delete()) from /proc/xenomai/registry/native/heaps.
>> Just a simple rm command (as root) yields the following:
>> # rm -f myshmem
>> cannot remove `myshmem': Operation not permitted
> For the moment, there is way to remove lingering native API objects from
> the /proc interface. On the other hand, the RTDM API allows this for
> some of its objects by writing a magic value to the proper /proc entry,
> and we might use the same technique to provide this feature to the
> native one.

Err, before adding to much stuff in this style (I'm allowed to diss it,
I introduced it ;) ), I would rather suggest to start thinking about a
scalable(!) cleanup hook for kernel objects.

We would need, e.g., per-process ownership of things like IPC objects or
RTDM devices instances. Then we could simply walk the chain on cleanup,
preferable in Linux context. This is a concept I already implemented in
an experimental skin. If this robustness should add too much overhead
(but I don't think so), we could make it optional. RTDM is already
prepared for it ("forced closure")!


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