Jan Kiszka wrote:
Philippe Gerum wrote:

Jan Kiszka wrote:


this patch aims at avoiding to select unneeded nucleus features if no
user is requiring it in the skins. Particularly, it addresses the
nucleus registry and the pipes.

I have spent no effort on 2.4 yet as I first want to wait for comments.
Furthermore, 2.4. is lacking "select", so the feature selection has to
remain manually there anyway.

Looks good. Merged, thanks.

In the same sense, but not that comfortable, here is the a 2.4 variant
of the patch.

I don't agree with the logic of this patch. All user-space enabled skins may also run in pure kernel-space in non pervasive mode. A core dependency exists from CONFIG_XENO_OPT_REGISTRY on CONFIG_XENO_OPT_PERVASIVE, and it should be defined explicitely. In any case, maybe it's not worth trying to be too smart with the 2.4 configuration system when it comes to dealing with features inter-dependencies, since we really miss the proper support to do that.



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