Jim Cromie wrote:
Niklaus Giger wrote:

Following a suggestion from Philippe Gerum I propose to collect and prepare like this:

a) Make it easy to collect information

add -s/-c option to xeno-test, help text would look like -s send output of xeno-test to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
-c <name>  if -s, send also kernel config file to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
attached patch adds new -m -M flags for xeno-test, (-s flag is taken, for statistics) former for a fixed addy (to be patched later), latter taking any email as arg.

I didnt add -c <name>, since xeno-test already does something similar;
if you build with CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y, xeno-test greps XENO out of /proc/config.gz
(probably needs a few more grep terms, and perhaps a -verbose mode which
cats the whole thing.)

The -M option works, since I just received an email Id sent earlier,
but I also sent one to xenomai-core, and it hasnt shown up yet.
I suspect that the mail looks like spam, and has been rejected,
since my hostname is not a real FQDN.
So Im not so sure that email is the best way here, but it is conceptually simple.

Oof.  Now attached.
Index: scripts/xeno-test.in
--- scripts/xeno-test.in        (revision 943)
+++ scripts/xeno-test.in        (working copy)
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
   -L           writes to logfile (default "test-`uname -r`") (via script)
   -N <name>    same as -L, but prepend "$name-" (without -L, logname="$name-")
                prepending allows you to give a full path.
+  -m           sends output file to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
+  -M <email>   sends output file to given addy
   # following options are passed thru to latency, klatency
   -s   print statistics of sampled data (default on)
@@ -136,8 +138,11 @@
 prepost=       # command to run pre, and post test (ex ntpq -p)
-while getopts 'd:shqT:l:H:B:uLN:w:W:p:' FOO ; do
+while getopts 'd:shqT:l:H:B:uLN:w:W:p:mM:' FOO ; do
     case $FOO in
            pass="$pass -$FOO" ;;
@@ -166,6 +171,11 @@
            loadpass="$loadpass -p '$OPTARG'"  ;;
+       M)
+           email=$OPTARG 
+           sendit=1 ;;
+       m)
+           sendit=1 ;;
            myusage ;;
@@ -179,6 +189,10 @@
     # restart inside a script invocation, passing all
     date=`date +%y%m%d.%H%M%S`
     script -c "./xeno-test $loadpass $pass $*" "$logprefix$logfile-$date"
+    if [ $sendit == 1 ]; then
+       echo "mailing $logprefix$logfile-$date to $email"
+       mail -s 'xeno-test results' $email < "$logprefix$logfile-$date"
+    fi
     if [ "$altwork" != "" ]; then
        mkload() { exec $altwork; }
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