just to follow up:

I built a xeno-kernel for my laptop, the sep flag was on,
so it was Fedora specific.  I asked on fedora-list,
got this answer:

> This is pretty obscure, and I havent seen any problems because of it,
> but it is a bit odd.
> > Can someone(s)
> - confirm its absence on  2.6.16-1.2069_FC4 or other
> - check their FC-5 /proc/cpuinfo, and report back.
> - explain why this is a good thing, or how it might have happened > accidentally ?

SEP is incompatible with segment-based NX emulation provided
by exec-shield in the Fedora kernel.

The reason for this is that a SYSRET resets the segment limits.

I presume this distinction is well hidden inside glibc etc..

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