Jim Cromie wrote:
Philippe Gerum wrote:

Romain Lenglet wrote:

The -M option works, since I just received an email Id sent
earlier, but I also sent one to xenomai-core, and it hasnt
shown up yet. I suspect that the mail looks like spam, and
has been rejected, since my hostname is not a real FQDN.
So Im not so sure that email is the best way here, but it
is conceptually simple.

Oof.  Now attached.

Applied, thanks.

Doh - small err. if [ $sendit = 1 ] needs quotes around the var, for when its undeffd.
will patch soon.

Im looking for other things to add, in part to prevent a changelog entry that says
"fixed a dumb tested-new-but-not-old, so bug got out" entry :-/

- change the prewired -m email-addy ?  (to [EMAIL PROTECTED])
- add From: header to get past subscriber-only check.
   should this be a prewired addy (forex  [EMAIL PROTECTED])
   or the user's name ( if so, which ENVAR should we use ?  XENO_USER ?)
- verbose (send whole config atm, perhaps others later)
- run xeno-info, xeno-config
- grep more config-items out of config (for non-verbose mode)
   latency-killers presumably, PREEMPT, others ?

I'd say stuff from the kernel hacking section adding overhead including to primary mode threads, like CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK, CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER, and friends. And also those Adeos switches: CONFIG_IPIPE_STATS, CONFIG_IPIPE_TRACE.

- NPTL availability (kinda overkill, since its absence when needed is already detected)

Can anyone think of other possibly useful raw data ?
I think Ive already got everything that LiveCD collected, plus some.

Which should be enough to start something sensible, I guess.


PS.  Is "Engines of Creation" another Joe Satriani album ?

Yes, released in Y2K.

PPS.    the dude can *rip* a fretboard.  In "real-time"

Satch plays faster than I can code, which is ok since he does it better too.

PPPS.  I bet Philippe plays a mean air-guitar ;-)

Nope. Philippe is going to call Vai, Petrucci, Lukather, Van Halen and a few others to the rescue, so that the air shivers while the keyboard suffers.



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