Yes indeed; we actually intend to implement some interaction protocols between
the processor and an FPGA as realtime tasks for cryptographic operations. We
therefore try to have some minimal overhead.
Right now, we focus on the iMX21 proc. and since we're bound to some industrial 
we won't have much time to have a look at other archs, although we are, of 
course, very
interested in getting some feedback on other archs and we're ready to provide 
some help as much as we can.
We stay in touch :-) (i look forward to having further details about your 
approach in the user space; at the moment, we mainly work RT tasks in the 
kernel space for architectural reasons,
but migrating the code to a more convenient execution environment in the user 
space definitively retains our attention).

By the way, I have a student who will work on an extension of LTTng (Linux 
trace toolkit) in order to support Xenomai, in the context of his diploma work. 
Examining the RT traces, filtering events, tracking RT activities in 
user/kernel space, detecting priority inversions, etc. are some interesting 
topics we're promoting in our Institute. Any ideas/suggestions about features 
and extensions to improve such visualization tools are also welcome :-) (we 
will publish everything as soon as we have some substantial results, but the 
student work is mainly on the second half of the Year at Montreal to the 
originator's premises).


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De: Jan Kiszka [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date: ven. 21.04.2006 09:31
Objet : Re: RE : [Xenomai-core] Xenomai on Freescale i.MX21 (ARM926J)
ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Two of our soft/hard engineers (Sébastien Gerber & Guillaume
> Boutillier) have worked quite a lot over these last 6 months for this
> port.
> These last weeks, they spent much work on measuring the response time
> (by means of a digital analyzer) and trying to move some piece of
> code and re-work out a bit the current patch in order to make the IRQ
> virtualization as clean as possible and to get very low latency.
> Thanks to them :-)

I guess this significant effort was related to the fact that you were
hunting nanoseconds, aren't you? Well, that's great! Can we hire you for
other archs as well? ;) [I also have some weird ideas regarding
micro-optimisations of the user space interface.]


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