Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
Philippe Gerum wrote:
> What I suggested was to let people create normal threads using > pthread_create (likely conforming to the SCHED_OTHER policy), then use > the redirected pthread_setschedparam syscall (i.e. always applied to the > current thread) to promote them as Xenomai shadows, but leave them in > their original scheduling class. The same goes for rt_task_shadow. This > would be explicit actions that would not leave much room for "surprises".

If I understand correctly, you mean that one should not be able to
create real-time threads with pthread_create. My question was about what
to do of explicit scheduling parameters passed to pthread_create through
thread creation attributes.

Nope, this is obviously not what I meant... :o>

This is how one would create hybrids, without changing anything else to
the current interface:



void *foo (void *cookie)
/* The following call maps a shadow thread to "current", but currently only accepts SCHED_FIFO, and would be changed to allow SCHED_OTHER/NORMAL. */
        /* OR, for the native API */



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