Dmitry Adamushko wrote:

I haven't had access to my laptop during this week so the patches
follow only now.

Merged, thanks.

Yet another issue remains that may lead to a deadlock under some circumstances:

- rt_intr_delete() calls xnintr_detach() while holding the "nklock".

- xnintr_detach() (with CONFIG_SMP) spins in xnintr_shirq_spin()
when a corresponding ISR is currently running.

- now this ISR calls any function that uses "nklock" (everything make
use of it) ... Bum!

I first thought about moving xnintr_detach() out of the locked section
in rt_intr_delete() but it somewhat breaks interface consistency ---
e.g. xeno_mark_delete() is called before the object is completely

That's not a problem, the deletion marker will never be anything else than a pure magic word stored in some object's descriptor, so we could indeed first mark the object as deleted, then release the lock before proceeding to the actual deletion.

Another approach would be to introduce a service like
xnintr_synchronize() and enfource the upper interfaces (e.g. skins) to
make use of it in their _delete() methods.

That would be useful too for solving the "concurrent ISR while deleting issue", but would not enforce single deletion in the SMP case, I guess.

The problem here is that the xnintr_shirq - interface is not complete
and safe without xnintr_shirq_spin() on detaching step and it becomes
somewhat blured with the enforcement like "on SMP systems one should
always call xnintr_synchronize() right after calling xnintr_detach()".

So I'm still thinking how to fix it better...

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko



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