Jim Cromie wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:

Ive started adding to xeno-test, as outlined previously (plus some)

<snipped>, except where noted

- now run cyclictest and switch, in addition to latency -t 0,1,2

cycletest now has decent options passed in.
I havent given any thought to exposing options thru xeno-test's command line.

Instead, Im thinking of adding statistics, ala latency.
for that, Im also pondering a new -g 100 option to group the tests for stats-calcs,
ie given: -g 100 -l 1000 -v
it would compute statistics on 10 sets of 100 cycles, and report 10 lines.
Again, this is notional, comments/feedback needed.

This would be mainly useful for running different test scenarii - i.e. one per cycle? - I guess. But then, would not we have problems interpreting the results, since different testcases might lead to unrelated data sets? IOW, how would we use such data sets?

-  changed the prewired -m email-addy to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

email options now work w/o actually writing a file.
Also changed default location of file writes to /tmp,
they no longer get written to $PWD by default

Nice for embedded setups.

added a -U <url>,  completely untested, but mostly lifted from LiveCD
This looks necessary, since
   my hobby-box doesnt have a working mail setup
   my laptop (and presumably yours) doesnt have a FQDN,
       which pretty well precludes sending mail to anywhere useful.
(Id bet we could span the unwashed winbloze masses, but wheres the sport in that ? ;-)

- now grep more config-items out of config (for non-verbose mode)
  latency-killers, PREEMPT, others ?

added items per RPMs email.

Im considering stripping the warning issued when CPU_FREQ ia xonfig'd
warning: CONFIG_CPU_FREQ=y may be problematic.
I have it in cuz nothing actually changes (can change) it, so its harmless. (I think)
Its easier than making the list complete,
and the .config dump covers the reporting.

Sounds reasonable; in any case, .config would be analyzed in case of problem.

Dont apply yet, not tested recently.

Its reasonbly tested; we can shake out some more with some distributed testing
(hint - try it !)

Merged, now. Thanks.

Heres some tests I ran, files got written..

./xeno-test -T 30 -l30 -m
./xeno-test -T 30 -l30
./xeno-test -T 30 -l30 -L
./xeno-test -T 30 -l30 -N foo
./xeno-test -T 30 -l30 -LN bar
./xeno-test -T 30 -l30 -LN buzz -m
./xeno-test -T 5 -l30 -L -m
./xeno-test -T 5 -l30 -N /tmp/box- -m
./xeno-test -T 5 -l30 -N ~/trucklab/ -w2 -W 'dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/null'


- should I run boxstatus just after latency tests or b4 and after (as currently) ?

- /proc/xenomai/* contents are dynamic (ie run by boxstatus) ?

- any bits of  boxinfo and boxstatus that should be shuffled around ?

- check NPTL availability (kinda overkill, since its absence when needed is already detected)

- anything else come to mind ?

these are still open, but not crtical.

I think we will discover new stuff to add incrementally, after getting some practical experience on the automated data collection issue.

I hope thats everything for now,
it needs a good shakedown, and I need a beer.

Eh, I hope you had it by now, otherwise, you must be so damn thirsty... :o>



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