Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Hi,
> for review, here are patches that provide Xenomai skins with a
> per-process per-skin data structures. It will allow skins to do
> per-process cleanup for example, or the posix skin to maintain a
> per-process signal mask.

That sounds promising!

> In order to use it, the skins must pass an eventcb function to the
> xnshadow_register_interface service. This eventcb function gets called
> when:
> - a process bind the interfaces, the eventcb has to allocate the
>   per-process structure and must return a pointer to an xnppd_holder_t
>   member of this structure; 
> - the process exits, the eventcb function is then passed the
>   xnppd_holder_t pointer and may free the container structure.
> The patch also add a service called xnppd_get, which must be passed the
> skin magic, and returns the xnppd_holder_t pointer attached to the
> current process.
> This support relies on a new adeos event called "PEXIT" for
> process-exit, that get triggered in the mmput function when a process
> mm_struct get deallocated.

Likely I did not yet get the full picture: What prevents using another
adeos per-task key for this? And why is it required to establish a new
termination hook? Are there scenarios where the existing
task-termination hook is not suited for the planned cleanup work?

> These patches are not ready for inclusion, they are not tested
> yet.


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