attached patch corrects a mistake in rev 985, which chmod'd a read-only file,
even if it was a symlink from a kernel-tree cloned with lndir.
This resulted in a bad original tree for use in building vanilla kernels.

with patch, script renames the symlink, copies it to the expected name,
and *then* chmods it, and appends to it.   Now vanilla kernel builds also
using same tree re-make w/o actually recompiling anything.

Index: scripts/
--- scripts/   (revision 1029)
+++ scripts/   (working copy)
@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@
 patch_append() {
     if test "x$output_patch" = "x"; then
+       if test -L "$linux_tree/$file" ; then
+           mv "$linux_tree/$file" "$linux_tree/$file.orig"
+           cp "$linux_tree/$file.orig" "$linux_tree/$file"
+       fi
        chmod +w "$linux_tree/$file"
         cat >> "$linux_tree/$file"
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