This is the first maintenance release of the v2.1.x branch [1]. The
short log follows:

[blackfin] Major kernel update to uClinux 2.6.16. Port over the BF537
board [2] sponsored by Analog Devices.

[i386] Fix FPU context restore after a domain migration.

[nucleus] Optimize feature selection for message pipe and
registry supports. Optimize fast path for thread
suspension/resumption. Fix GDB access error on mmapped heaps. Fix
error path during module loadup. Check for CAP_SYS_NICE
capability for running Xenomai syscalls.

[posix] Various fixes. shm and registry updates.

[native] Fix deletion of non-current task. Make queue
services more robust when passed garbled buffer addresses.

[scripts] Various fixes and updates.

[16550A] Fix lock leakage. Fix IRQ source detection.

[sim] Fix issues with GCC 4.x.

The Adeos support has been upgraded for all the supported
architectures. Please see the ChangeLog for details.




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