Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
The attached version of the patch do that.

Fine with me, please merge as you see fit. Details follow:

+++ include/nucleus/ppd.h       2006-05-10 14:27:11.000000000 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
+#ifndef PPD_H
+#define PPD_H

Given that ppds are shadow-specific, I would move ppd.h's contents to shadow.h directly.

+static unsigned
+xnppd_lookup_inner(xnqueue_t **pq, xnppd_holder_t **pholder, xnppd_key_t *key)
+    unsigned bucket = jhash2((uint32_t *)&key->mm,
+                             sizeof(key->mm)/sizeof(uint32_t), 0);

GCC is likely going to wine on 64-bit archs for attempting to forge a type-punned pointer.

+    xnppd_holder_t *ppd = NULL;
     xnfeatinfo_t finfo;
     u_long featmis;
     int muxid;
@@ -981,18 +1115,39 @@
        chance to call xnpod_init(). */
if (muxtable[muxid].eventcb) {
-        int err = muxtable[muxid].eventcb(XNSHADOW_CLIENT_ATTACH);
+        xnlock_get_irqsave(&nklock, s);
+        ppd = xnppd_lookup(muxid, curr->mm);
+        xnlock_put_irqrestore(&nklocks, s);

Looks racy to release the nucleus lock that early before actually using the found value, if another thread from the same process manages to preempt the caller and interleave a binding request on its own (would be stupid, I agree, but hey, most of our day-to-day job is to implement LARTs pretending that we are "innovating" somehow, so...)

+/* Call with nklock locked irqs off. */
+xnppd_holder_t *xnppd_get(unsigned muxid)
+    if (xnpod_userspace_p())
+        return xnppd_lookup(muxid - 1, current->mm);
+    return NULL;

Same remark than previously regarding shadow.h, all the xnppd_* services are truely shadow-related services, so calling them xnshadow_ppd*something() would be more accurate.



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