I would like to integrate the output of the Xenomai's simulator's testsuite 
into my buildbot system at htttp://ngiger.dyndns.org/

As I work with a PowerPC system I am still chasing some bugs (Thanks a lot to 
Gilles for his help).

I am interested to know whether an output like the attached 
(12-log-check-sim-log.bz2) produced with my ruby script (attached 
test_sim.rb) is a good idea. Look at the end to get a summary of the 
failed/passed tests. (I have no idea, why the output to standard error 
like "segmentation fault" does not show up instead of the "starting POSIX 
services."). So please tell me if you would like to have some more 
information in the log.

I would appreciate to be able to integrate the same testsuites as part of the 
regression test of all target that use a posix or vxworks skin. I am however 
no specialist in the autotools. Would it be difficult to adapt the Makefile's 
to have the same targets "sim", "std" and "uvm" like in the 

Are there any other ideas what to test with the simulator? (I do not want to 
to test xenoscope unless somebody can point me to free tool where it is easy 
to setup some interactive tests.)

To test the "distcheck" target is still on my todo list, but with a lower 

Thanks in advance for all comments.

Best regards
Niklaus Giger

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