Hello Philippe,

on Tue, 16 May 2006, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> It would be interesting to know how Adeos is asked to deal with such
> interrupt upon receipt, e.g. does it relay it to Linux?

In the init_module routine the driver calls rtdm_irq_request() with flags

The interrupt handler returns RTDM_IRQ_NONE if the interrupt register of
the CAN chip reports zero (which is not the case here) or RTDM_IRQ_HANDLED
if it is not zero.

> What do the
> following say? And also, which is the number of your interrupt in the
> dumps below?
> $ cat /proc/ipipe/Xenomai
> $ cat /proc/ipipe/Linux
> $ cat /proc/xenomai/irq

I've sent a mail to Roland Riepl who has got that strange piece of CAN
hardware and also suggested him to directly post his answer to this ML.


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