ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
> The project consists in enhancing LTTng with Xenomai events
> and some specific algorithmic filtering on the related events,
> such as detecting abnormal situations (deadline misses,
> priority inversion at a certain level, etc.); the way how
> events are presented are also an issue to be considered
> (events per threads and not per process, different ways to
> represent the events).

For visualization, I recommend you to take a look at Pajé:

It is free software (LGPL):

I have seen it used for the visualization of events (for the 
analysis of deadlocks, etc.) in a heavily multi-threaded Java 
application. A custom Linux module collected all the events, and 
Pajé was used "post-mortem" for visualization of the events.
It seems very similar to what you want to do, except that you 
would use LTTng instead of a custom module to record events.

And there are nice publications about Pajé for your student to 
cite. ;-)


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