Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> Hello,
> I propose to add the following commonly used RTDM inline functions to
> rtdm_driver.h:
>    static inline int rtdm_safe_copy_from_user()
>    static inline int rtdm_safe_copy_to_user()

Yep, likely a convenient shortcut. Just a minor correction: the full
size should be checked, not just a single-byte range.

Those new services together with updated doc will go into trunk after
release 2.2. There are currently several RTDM extensions pending, so I
prefer to merge the whole packet and increment the revision number only

> The attached patch also fixes a bug in rtdm_strncpy_from_user(). I think
> __xn_access_ok() returns a non-zero value if the access is safe. Has it
> ever worked? I don't care about the real name.

Oops, obviously wrong and obviously yet unused. I fixed this in 2.1.x
and trunk.

Thanks for the patches!


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