Here is the second release candidate for the v2.2 branch. Short log

[x86,ppc64] Fix ugly Adeos-related SMP bug involving kernel-based
            Xenomai threads.

[nucleus] Extend pipeline head optimizations.
          Provide  thread "held" state for later temporal partitioning
          Add PIP resource stealing.
          Add support for per-process data.
          Add cleanup handler to synchronization objects.
          Work around SuSE-originated GCC 4.x bug (optimizer
          issue) in message pipe support.
          Fix xnpod_unblock_thread() (don't raise XNBREAK for
          ready threads).
          Fix xnpod_start_thread() (error code propagation).
          Add missing symbol exports.

[posix]   Update for PIP resource stealing.
          Set default mutex priority protocol to PTHREAD_PRIO_NONE.

[rtdm]    Refactor mutex, sema4 and event implementation.
          Fix rtdm_strncpy_from_user().
          Fix PIP handling code.

[vxworks] Update for PIP resource stealing.
          Reset timer upon unload.
          Fix tick handler return value.
          Fix stack overflow in demo program.

[native]  Update for PIP resource stealing.
          Fix rt_task_delete() when killing a non-shadowed thread.
          Fix T_JOINABLE bit conflict.

[vrtx]    Update for PIP resource stealing.

[rtai]    Update for PIP resource stealing.

[testsuite]  Allow running multiple tests in parallel.
             Allow pinning down the sampling task to a specified

Aside of this, all Adeos patches have been upgraded.

Please see the ChangeLog for details.



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