while I originally only wanted to add timer abstraction to RTDM, I now
have patch series for xntimer pending on my box pushing this layer
closer to hrtimer.

But before posting it for discussion (needs further testing anyway), I
have two questions regarding some minor though not totally uninteresting
optimisation possibilities:

1. Is calling xntimer_start() with value=XN_INFINITE a real use case?
   It's not documented explicitly. The effect of such an invocation
   looks a bit like xntimer_stop(), but I didn't find a real caller so
   far to asses it's relevance.

   If it is not used and could rather be declared illegal, we could safe
   the related code in the do_timer_start handlers.

2. rthal_timer_program_shot() uses explicit rthal_local_irq_save_hw on
   ia64 and i386. Given the head optimisation, IRQs should already be
   disabled when calling this service. So, can this IRQ masking be made

   ARM uses an additional lock as well, but it's hidden inside the ipipe
   patch and is likely required to remain independent of the caller's


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