Bart Jonkers wrote:
 > Hey,
 > I'm trying to run Xenomai enabled kernel on the PXA255 (arm). When I
 > compile the patched kernel, I get some undefined references errors.
 > When I search through the patched kernel, I found the functions an
 > variables defined for the integrator architecture.
 > Which functions and variables need I to define for the PXA255 and what
 > are there purpose, so I can add support for the PXA255 processor.
 > Or are there some patches around to support the PXA255.

The Ipipe patch for ARM only support the integrator platform for
now. There exist patch for another ARM platform, but it exist only as
a separated patch. Looking at the patch contents it seems that the only
patched files specific to the integrator architecture are :

Looking rapidly at these files, it seems that the machine specific
functions and variables are reduced to:

int __ipipe_mach_timerint;
int __ipipe_mach_timerstolen;
unsigned int __ipipe_mach_ticks_per_jiffy;

void __ipipe_mach_acktimer(void);
unsigned long long __ipipe_mach_get_tsc(void);
void __ipipe_mach_set_dec(unsigned long reload);
unsigned long __ipipe_mach_get_dec(void);

If you provide the same variables and functions for the PXA platform, I
think there is no modification to be done at Xenomai level.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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