s.a. wrote:
> Hi,
> Regarding an embedded realtime system, I have got a communication board
> on pci bus .
> I would like it's interrupt not being shared (with usb) , because the
> component receives an it every 100us and is realtime determinist.
> I looked at how was routed IRQ's with the io apic , although it is able
> to use 24 irq's, linux always share my PCI boards IRQ with another
> component and do not use all the 24 irq's range capability of ioapic.
> Do you think it is possible to program the ioapic in order to have a
> better irq mapping and avoid this problem and use all the range of
> availbale vectors ?

Logical IRQ numbers are one side, but you first have to find out if the
PCI components do not share the same *physical* line. Dependent on the
system design, there should be some way to flip those line assignment,
either by moving to another extension slot or even by playing with
jumpers (PC/104plus boards may provide this e.g.).


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