Jan Kiszka wrote:

I'm getting nmi alarms about latency being > 100 us on a dual P-III 1GHz
(with and without CONFIG_SMP) once I start the latency test tool. But
the must be false positive. Can someone comment on this trace:

Issue confirmed here, on a dual 750 Mhz PIII Celeron. Starting the latency test, the NMI watchdog pulls the break on cpu #0 after a few us, albeit rthal_nmi_arm() had been told to trigger the NMI more than a millisecond in the future (likely the HTICK emulation + 100 us NMI threshold).

Running a UP + LAPIC enabled kernel on the same hw did not trigger the spurious NMI, so I'd bet that the issue is SMP related, and not hw/perfctr related.



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