Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> > Now that the big context switches bugs have been solved, here is a patch
 > that adds a unit test for context switches and FPU switches
 > with various type of threads (kernel, user, user in secondary mode,
 > not using FPU, using FPU, etc...). As is the case of the latency test
 > there is a small RTDM driver in kernel-space, put in the benchmark
 > class, even though this test is for unit testing, not for benchmarking.
> > The FPU switches need a small piece of code architecture dependent,
 > put in <asm/xenomai/fptest.h>, currently only implemented for x86.
> > The kernel-space driver is called xeno_switchtest.ko, the user-space
 > testing tool is called switchtest, because there is already a context
 > switch benchmarking tool called "switch".

Here is an updated version, applying the remarks of Jim and Jan:
renamed rtbenchmark rttesting, and renamed the already existing context
switch benchmark switchbench. The patch is large but contains mostly

I would prefer to commit this version before implementing the other
changes, namely allowing kernel-space non real-time tasks to use the FPU
and merging the context switches benchmark test with this test.

+/* Thread type. */
+typedef enum {
+    IDLE = 0,
+    RTK  = 1,        /* kernel-space thread. */
+    RTUP = 2,        /* user-space real-time thread in primary mode. */
+    RTUS = 3,        /* user-space real-time thread in secondary mode. */
+    RTUO = 4,        /* user-space real-time thread oscillating
+                        between primary and secondary mode. */
+} threadtype;
+typedef enum {
+    FP   = 1,        /* arm the FPU task bit (only make sense for RTK) */
+    UFPP = 2,        /* use the FPU while in primary mode. */
+    UFPS = 4         /* use the FPU while in secondary mode. */
+} fpflags;

IDLE and FP at least look like a bit too generic, potentially subject to name clashes. Otherwise, that's fine with me.



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