Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Just stumbled over this again while cleaning up my mailbox. What's the
> status? Waiting for improvements, or waiting for /someone/ to type svn
> ci (and improve the topics above later)?

Yes and no. As I told there is no urgent need to apply this before 2.2.
And improvement/more insight into the whole busybox would be a great idea.

I am busy preparing the next step for the whole xeno-test/buildbot
infrastructure, which will feature:
- Small additions to my patch for xeno-test (done)
- Buildbot will run automatically xeno-test on my PPC405 board as the last
  build step (done). But it will at the moment only show, that there are
  problems with my PPC405 target (see a separat thread).
- Documentation rework (mostly done)
- Adding a test script to test xeno-test (may be a overkill, but xeno-test
  accumulated a lot of options, and I like unit test).

As nobody committed my patch, I will be much more confident to propose a
patch as soon as the unit tests for xeno-test work.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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