Jean-Olivier Villemure wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently working on my diploma thesis which will finish in December
> 2006. The first goal of my project is to integrate Xenomai events to
> LTTng, a task quite simple since creating new events in LTTng is not
> very difficult.

Does this mean we will see a basic but usable LTTng over recent
I-pipe/Xenomai soon? I'm only curious... 8)

> The second goal is to create a new module in the viewer,
> LTTV, to analyse these specifics events.
> Our idea about the LTTV module is to create a new controlflow module
> representing realtime task behavior by identifying the start, end,
> suspend, resume, period, etc...The difference with the current
> controlflow is that we will not be showing the states of the process,
> but there will be a line for each task (multiple realtime tasks by
> process) and identifiers for each important events. Eventualy it will be
> good to detected problems relating to periodic tasks. If I have enough
> time, it could also be a good idea to add some statistics.

Could such an extension also be interesting for the native real-time
Linux project (PREEMPT_RT)? I'm asking because, if yes, you may try to
gain input from that community as well (=>LKML). This doesn't mean that
you have to implement such support, just keeping the approach open for
an integration. Finding and meeting common requirements is always a good
thing and can help even more people.

> If you have any idea relating to Xenomai or LTTng/LTTV, I will
> considerate them.
> Thank you!
> Jean-Olivier Villemure


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