Jan Kiszka wrote:
Philippe Gerum wrote:

Jan Kiszka wrote:

Philippe Gerum wrote:

While we are at it,
#define current ipipe_safe_current() /* ? */

Nope, there is the need for some special changes.

If you refer to the cache flushing issue, then it would be better to
actually check for foreign stacks explicitely, so that you could
substitute current globally:

-    if (CACHE_FLUSH_IS_SAFE && current->mm &&
-            addr < TASK_SIZE)
+ if (CACHE_FLUSH_IS_SAFE && !testbit(IPIPE_NOSTACK_FLAG, + &ipipe_percpu_domain[cpuid]->cpudata[cpuid].status) &&
+            current->mm && addr < TASK_SIZE)

Right - on first sight. I tried to redefine current, but the
ipipe_safe_current macro requires that symbol itself, ugh. Turning
ipipe_safe_current into a static inline doesn't work due to circular
dependencies on linux/sched.h.

So I guess it's best to keep it as it is (though kgdb-ipipe.patch would
have become really cute).




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