Am Samstag, 17. Juni 2006 19:53 schrieb Gilles Chanteperdrix:
> Niklaus Giger wrote:
>  > Hi
>  >
>  > Here the reworked patch.
>  >
>  > vxWorks supports empty messages. Only one at a time can be received.
> Could you explain a bit more "Only one at a time can be received" ? I do
> not get it. You mean that one message get lost if posting two null
> length messages while two receivers are blocked in a call to msgQReceive
> ?
I have two testcases for the 0 length messages. Look in my patch  for "Test 
mailbox with 0 length messages". They are:

a) Post two messages, then call twice msgQReceive and each time I get one 
message back. Each time verified using msgQNumMsgs.

b) Post two messages, then try to receive two messages at once by giving 2 
(bytes) to msgQReceive see line:
  rc = msgQReceive(qid,(char *)&msg,2,NO_WAIT);)
In this case I only get one message back, as msgQNumMsgs reports 1.
This explains the lines:
   rc = msgQNumMsgs(qid);
   TEST_ASSERT(rc == 1);

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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