s.a. wrote:
> Hi,
> I have got the following kernel message in a process that crashes sometimes
> the action to obtain it is console switching with ctrl alt  Fx
> the two processes are xeno tasks
> any idea about the problem ?

Please tell us your Xenomai and I-ipipe patch version. Also your kernel
.config my be helpful. Do you use any "special" Linux drivers, e.g. some
binary-only nvidia or ati stuff?

> how to debug this in xenomai ?
> is there a workaround ?

Can you derive a simple demo code from your application so that we can
give it a try as well? I have an emulator here (qemu) where I can easily
step into such issues (when they trigger on my box too...).

If you want to dig deeper on your own: there is a kgdb add-on patch
available for 2.6.16 (not 2.6.17 as falsely claimed by the readme) [1].


[1] http://download.gna.org/adeos/patches/v2.6/i386/kgdb/

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