given the existing doc of rt_task_suspend about allowed environments and
also when thinking about the logic behind it, I see no reason why
xnpod_unblockable_p() is also applied to task != NULL.

XNLOCK is set? anyway, I don't see how the patch makes current logic different...

in both cases xnpod_unblockable_p() has a chance to be executed only when task != NULL (thanks to goto). and -EPERM is returned when task != NULL && xnpod_unblockable_p() == true.

        if (!task) {
                err = xeno_handle_error(task, XENO_TASK_MAGIC, RT_TASK);
                goto unlock_and_exit;
-       }
-       if (xnpod_unblockable_p()) {
+       } else if (xnpod_unblockable_p()) {
                err = -EPERM;
                goto unlock_and_exit;

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Dmitry Adamushko
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