Jan Kiszka wrote:
 > Jan Kiszka wrote:
 > > ...
 > > Ok, I will rework this patch.
 > > 
 > And here is -v2 (for post 2.2 trunk). It keeps the ABI but changes the
 > API wrt __xeno_mux_code. As this change gets widely caught by
 > xeno_user_skin_init, the modifications are limited.
 > At this chance I also converted the rtdm library to the generic
 > initialisation code. I tweaked nucleus/bind.h a bit so that one can
 > control via XENO_DISABLE_MLOCKALL_DETECTION if the related code gets
 > built into the lib. This appeared to be reasonable to me because librtdm
 > doesn't create its own RT threads, thus the check should be better left
 > to those skins who do so. Anyone any better idea, or is this acceptable?
 > If a separate patch is preferred, I will break out this change.

Another reason why rtdm did not use the generic initialization code is
that RTDM did not call exit upon failure to bind, and let a later call
to open fail. I do not know if it was desirable, but it was a feature of
the previous implementation.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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