> Starting from Detlef patch, I made some tests on an SA1100 based ARM,
> attached is a patch that works for me, which I also adapted to PXA
> without testing it. It would be nice if someone could test it on PXA.
> In order to do these tests, I had to adapt the ARM ipipe 2.6.15 patch to
> linux 2.6.16, so the 2.6.16 ipipe patch is attached too for further
> testing. Note that I had to make a small modification in
> include/asm-arm/system.h, because the SA1100 version of __xchg uses
> local_irq_restore, which use PSR_I_BIT, which is defined elsewhere, so I
> replaced PSR_I_BIT with its value. I now wonder if it is the proper fix,
> or if __xchg should be fixed to use local_irq_save_hw and
> local_irq_restore_hw instead, as is the case for the atomic operations
> defined in atomic.h and bitops.h.
I'm sorry, but probably i can't test it, because i need an handelds.org 
patched kernel to load linux into my ipaq (i need the mmc driver), and the 
latest stable version is 2.4.19-rmk6-pxa1-hh41... No official support for 
2.6 :'( 
BTW, if i can find a working 2.6.16 kernel i'll give it a try!

Danilo Levantesi

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