Hi Jan!

Jan Kiszka wrote:
When you THEN try compiling the driver within the kernel build again,
does it still work? I bet it will, because this was likely some issue of
a half-baked kernel. I also re-checked this and noticed no problems
loading the driver.

I didn't replace the original makefile.
Did you check with 2.4.32 ?

    ret = rt_task_wait_period(&overrun);

...this call requires primary mode anyway and will take care for a
switch back.

Aha! Now it makes sense to me!

  // we are in secondary mode now

Why? I suspect this comment is some kind of left-over of older code


(also given the dead variable irq_time above).

Well, I kept this to show how a timestamp can be obtained.
I added a comment.
I also added stuff to my notes page.

Thanks a lot,

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