Hannes Mayer wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hannes Mayer wrote:
>>> ...out of curiosity and to test an older example, I compiled
>>> in periodic timer support, recompiled and then it oopses
>>> at boot. Screenshot:
>>> http://www.captain.at/tmp/dsc05081.jpg
>>> *shrugs*
>> .config please. And it would also be more helpful if you could switch on
>> debug symbols so that the oopses tell us where they happened. So this
>> happened during boot or when running your test?
> debug symbols ? Can't find anything else the debug option in "kernel
> hacking" and in "xeno->nucleus". Just enabled both, but no more info
> at the oops. Oops at booting, BTW.

Hmm, 2.4 limitation. There used to by some tool called ksymoops for
this. Please give it a try.

> .config later

Looking forward. Meanwhile I actually have a 2.4 kernel running here
(and found two compilation quirks in my code at this chance). Though I
switched on periodic mode, no oops here. And xeno_16550A loads fine as well.


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