Hannes Mayer wrote:
> Ciao Jan!
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
> [...]
>> Please try "make clean" before rebuilding your 2.4 kernel with a
> Indeed, make clean does a wonder :-)

Good, no further bugs hidden. :)

> BTW, is there any way to reconfigure the periodic timer ?
> Not that I wanna use it - I'm fine with the more accurate aperiodic
> timer, but just curious.

E.g. via rt_timer_set_mode(tick_period) (native skin). If you enable the
periodic mode at compile time, you can use this call from your app to
tweak it during runtime. Additionally, there is the tick_arg module
parameter (or the xeno_nucleus.tick_arg kernel parameter) to set the
timer at startup.

>> This digging in 2.4 over x86 was "worthwhile": Two further corner-case
>> bugs found, though not all fixed yet.
> First, I'm sorry that I didn't consider make clean, but then this
> issue led to find two previously unknown bugs.
> From your last email to the list I guess the TSC thingie is one,
> what is the other one ? Anything serious ?

Not really. Try to compile the native skin as module under 2.4...


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