Back from my vacation I discovered that the buildbot did not run during my 
absence as I had added a (debugging) printf some time before vacation. This 
printf did not harm as long as the session was alive. But before leaving I 
cleanup my desktop and bang the xenomai repository watcher got killed. Sorry!

I fixed the error and now the buildbot is running again.

RTnet seems to have a compile problem: see
In file included from rtnet_ifs.c:30:
../../../stack/include/rtnet.h:29:23: rtdm/rtdm.h: No such file or directory
rtnet_ifs.c: In function `main':

The timing behaviour seems to have changed a little bit as the simulator 
testsuite reports in:
vxworks->t010823-2:t010823-2.c:163: Expected sequence: SEQ("Test2",2009); got 
vxworks->t010823-2: t010823-2.c:166, test finished: 1 failures/ 33 tests

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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