Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>>>>>> - Well known issue: the RTCAN name. This should definitely get
>>>>>> resolved
>>>>>> before we merge. Any feedback already?
>>>>> I contacted the author. If I will not get an answer soon, I tend
>>>>> changing the global name to RT-Socket-CAN (rtsocketcan).
>>>> I would really hate to have a drivers/rtsocketcan or a
>>>> rtdm/rtsocketcan.h. The short name is so much nicer.
>>> He did not say, that we cannot use the name RTCAN but he prefers that we
>>> use a different name to avoid confusion. Therefore I suggest to use the
>>> offical name "RT-Socket-CAN" for the project, but leave almost all
>>> internal rtcan prefixes as they are apart from:
>>>   drivers/rtsocketcan
>>>   rtdm/rtsocketcan.h
>>> Note that the API does use the Linux naming in most cases (with the
>>> prefix can).
>>> Another possibility would be to use rtscan as short form for rtsocketcan
>>> as prefix.
>>> What do you think? Well, it's just a name.
>> Never underestimate naming. Ok, I have this proposal now:
>>  o drivers/can/ - That's consistent with the existing subdir naming
>>    anyway.
>>  o rtdm/rtcan.h - The "rtdm/" prefix clearly defines the context: It's
>>    THE standard real-time CAN profile for RTDM.
>>  o All references to "RTCAN" in comments, READMEs, headers, etc. must be
>>    changed to RT-Socket-CAN. So it should be clear that this has nothing
>>    to do with the existing "rtcan" project.
>>  o Variable, type, and function names remain as they are.
>> Jan
>> PS: Another point for the long-term to-do list :-> : The nested locking
>> and the global scope of certain locks. It's safe, it's harmless for
>> current primary target platforms (UP), but it's not really beautiful
>> when considering SMP setups. A bit tricky, for sure.
> I just realized another issue. Where to put README and CREDITS file? The
> README should go into doc/txt/can-driver.txt. Should I add the credits
> to this file as well?

I would maintain that file under drivers/can. Who knows if it doesn't
grow noticeably over the time... Some reference from the main CREDITS
would be good then. Something like "See drivers/<subsystem>/CREDITS for
further contributors".


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