Ulrich Schwab wrote:
> I saw some bad latency behaviour on a new system, it is a
> P4 with ICH7 chipset. It showed  more than 300 us max. latency without any 
> load.
> This chipset was not detected as SMI generating and SMI disable was not done.
> Finally I figured out where to add this DEVICE_ID
> to the SMI detection in smi.c
> It is done in the attached patch.
> Now, the max. latency values on this new system are below 10 us.
> Although, not tested very long.

...and not under load. ;)

Thanks for the patch, we just need some additional define of
PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_ICH7_0 for kernel 2.4 compatibility. And if you
additionally provide a ChangeLog fragment, your patch would be perfect!
(I tend to forget the last part often too... :) )


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