> That looks like a correct behaviour to me: the kernel module is trying
to read from pipe1 (MyPipe0, /dev/rtp0) and is blocked on it. The
user-space tool tries to do the same (is this intended BTW?). Then the
user-space program gets terminate, thus pipe1 is cleaned up. During that
cleanup all RT-readers on the pipe are woken up with -EINTR as return
code [1].

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed, I was on a wrong track: [CTRL-C] closed the application and also
the pipes, thus sending this INTR signal to the kernel module.

BTW, is there a limit to the size of a message one can send in a pipe.
Could this limit be around 65535 ?

I'm porting a RTAI application to xenomai and I am still hunting a bug on
a pipe. Writing on the user side more than 65530 bytes on a pipe yields a
"Cannot allocate memory" perror message.

Thanks a lot for your hints,


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