Jim Cromie wrote:
> im trying to inline this patch,
> pls let me know if its still ws fouled
> (in thunderbird, cp from svn diff |less, preformat b4 paste)
> Index: CREDITS
> ===================================================================
> --- CREDITS     (revision 1412)
> +++ CREDITS     (working copy)
> @@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
> D: the map.
> N: Jim Cromie
> D: Comprehensive statistics collection for the testsuite.
> D: Validation test script. Various script fixes and sanitization.

Obviously damaged, at least here on the list (leading single whitespace
missing in unmodified lines). This also applies to your second patch.

The required steps with Thunderbird are: 1. start a new mail or reply as
HTML (bah!), 2. set the text style of everything to preformat, 3. switch
back to "Plain Text Only" under Options/Format. Hope somebody will once
hack a plugin for disabling line wrapping on demand without this dance...

Anyway,I received complaints my patches were damaged nevertheless when
sending inline. So I switched back to attachments (except for real tiny,
non-wrapping patches). As long as you unsure that those patches do not
suffer from special encoding, one one can still easily quote them on reply.


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