Hi all,

I just hit enter, and all the nice CAN code is now in SVN head. We only
need a check-in of a bootstrap run with the fitting autotool versions.
Philippe, could you do this? [Meanwhile, one can also run it locally
after checking out from SVN.]

Both the drivers and the tools were merged. You find the latter under
src/utils/can. rtcanconfig will be installed to <prefix>/sbin,
rtcansend/resc go to <prefix>/bin.

Wolfgang suggested to collect driver documentation under doc/drivers/,
maybe this is better than having it in the driver's source directory (or
under doc/txt like for irqbench or 16550A).

The utils README should be converted to man pages. Unless Wolfgang
already started this (but he didn't sound like that ;) ): anyone willing
to volunteer?

Many thanks again to the contributors of RT-Socket-CAN! I'm convinced
this is a significant milestone for CAN support under real-time Linux in
general and, of course, specifically under Xenomai.


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