Niklaus Giger wrote:
> Hi
> All my PPC based compilation fail with something like
> ...

Things start to work again, but other issues pop up now.

o The installation step of xenomai on the tqm860 is broken. For that
  reason RTnet fails to configure. Please have a look, Niklaus.

o The simulator fails in both the posix and vxworks part:
  Could anyone have a look?

o The run test on the hcu_vx seems to cause a hang after the nucleus
  being loaded:

hcu3 is fine, a rebuild of "ppc" is currently pending.

A few remarks and wishes:

o Some list of the characteristics of those systems would be nice, just
  to gain overview what the differences are.

o Maybe it's useful to strip the kernel configs of some systems
  (non-related drivers etc.) to reduce the turn-around time.

o Some kind of allyesconfig for Xenomai would be nice. 2.4 doesn't seem
  to have this, but maybe one can derive that from a 2.6 .config, grab
  all XENO-related switches, and append them to the 2.4 .config. This
  way new stuff like the CAN stack now would get included faster.

On final remark I can only repeat over and over again:

Your buildbot is really great stuff! It significantly reduces the
round-trip time for detecting and fixing (often trivial) build issues as
long as there are not yet millions of Xenomai users updating their SVN
checkout every day ;)


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