Jim Cromie wrote:
> ...
> Also, 2 possible output change requests:
> a - print per-sample measures, not accumulating ones.
>    this is more consistent with latency, which prints the latencies
>    seen over the 1-sec sample period
>    This also feeds better into histogram, w/o adding 'delta' logic to
> histogrammer
> b - label output lines more in spirit of latency

My idea on this is to get that part (the formatting and dumping) out of
the individual test, into a shared benchmark library. That would
consolidate things, simplify the individual tests (irqbench is lacking
it therefore), and help to modify things later when requirements for the
data processing change/enhance.

Would you like to work on this? Of course, you can count on useless to
weird comments by us when you'll post any API design or patch. ;)


PS: But I'm not sure if that library would apply well to switchtest...

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