Jan Kiszka wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:
just responding to small part now..

this patch adds switchtest, switchbench (and drops switch) and irqbench.

each test-prog has a corresponding $XENOT_<progname>
with which you can inject new test arguments individually.
Most of these can be undef'd, except for XENOT_IRQBENCH,
which needs to be set in order for test to run (since the test requires
additional resources, as you noted above)

I doesn't necessarily require additional parameters (default is the
first serial port on PCs).

Why not adding a switch to xeno_test instead? Something like "-a
<additional-tests>" (e.g. "-a irqbench,whateverbench"). However, please
don't forget to document this extension (man page?).


several reasons for my preference:

- xeno-test is already cluttered with options, many of which propagate down to tests
- as more tests are added, more option-clashing is inevitable.
   this makes pass-downs more complicated.
- prog-specific options isolate us from option clashes / churn
- assuming -a <prog>,
   need to handle multiples on line (I havent done that with shell getopts)
   I have to wonder if all shells have uniform getopt behavior -
      we want to work on bash, sh, ash, dash ...
- I get to duck the manpage update ;-)

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