Here is the first maintenance release for the v2.2.x branch.  Short
log follows:

        [x86, powerpc] Upgrade Adeos support.

        [nucleus] Fix resource stealing in synchronization management
        Ignore migration requests from threads blocked on the
        startup barrier.
        Do not force migration upon dormant threads.

        [posix] Iron process cleanup code.
        Fix user-space mutex attribute handling.
        Fix cancellation request handling.
        Ensure child processes bind to the skin upon fork.

        [native] Fix rt_queue_read() argument handling when called
        from user-space.
        Do not send SIGKILL to dormant threads upon termination.

        [uvm] Mark as deprecated. Will be removed from v2.3.

        [irqbench] Fix 2.4 build.

Please see the ChangeLog for details.


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