Harkema, G.A. wrote:
> Hello,
> I' am having some problems with using the rtdm_irq_request() function. I
> disabled my local APIC support in the kernel (2.6.17, xenomai 2.2.0). My
> device (USB-HOST controller) shares his IRQ with the Ethernet
> card(e1000). After calling rtdm_irq_request() my system hangs. I tried
> to unload the e1000 module first and it seems to work fine. Can I share
> non-realtime interrupts whit real-time interrupts. If yes, what went
> wrong.

Nope you can't share. The e1000 driver could otherwise cause priority
inversions when an Ethernet-related IRQ is pending, the IRQ line will
get disabled therefore, and thus succeeding RT-USB-originated IRQs will
be shadowed until Linux gets a chance to run again.

That the system hangs is due to the ungraceful way we currently handle
such exceptions. [EMAIL PROTECTED]: This is one example of the frequent problems
I was referring to...]


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