On 31/08/06, Jan Kiszka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Unless I'm currently doing something completely wrong, it looks like it
doesn't work as it should. :(

I attached a xeno_16550A to the Ethernet NIC's IRQ line and opened the
serial port - lock-up.


Ok, and now I enabled shared IRQ support:

kernel/xenomai/nucleus/intr.c: In function 'xnintr_irq_handler':
kernel/xenomai/nucleus/intr.c:399: error: 'xnintr_t' has no member named
kernel/xenomai/nucleus/intr.c:404: error: 'xnintr_t' has no member named


Looks like our patch review failed... :-/

I failed and "got my face in the soup" (as it's said in my country).

But as I can see Philippe's corrections fix only compilation issues, i.e. (2). (1) still remains unclear. Can't see any explanation so far, if only xeno_16550A sees some of interrupts as its own and returns HANDLED :)


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Dmitry Adamushko
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